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🕊💙 Human Otto is h o t! I really like how I drew him. Hope you like❤ it! Like this drawing if u want to save sketch and Otto💕 #SegaSaturn #otto #SaveSonySketch #hot #humanotto

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Не могли бы вы оценить мои наброски ,актива нету 😭

Art forever
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Omg ur so good xx sorry for spam but could it be possible ifnu could follow me and me follow you son I can see more of ur fab work

Batool Azzam
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Omg... IT'S SO CUTE ❤️❤️

I'm in vacation
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‪@sonysketch‬ omg thanks for doing this!

Sony Sketch
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Your sketch has just been featured ❤️

Angeloid Asbel
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He is Beauty he is Grace he so shiny you can see him in outer space •﹏•