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🔥 King & Queen ❄ :× #hotorcold #fridayswithsketch #doodle #100PercentSketch thanks for the featured :'''0 <3

StefanLima11 (soni-chan x soniku)
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Wait ... I thought the fire was the female and the ice was the fat male ... Adventure time baloon tower defence has failed me

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King looks like Hades from Line: webtoons. Just imagine him sad blue color. And his hair light whiteshi blue.

Leann Lux Cristobal

The queen looks like sapphire from su


The color is good but you should focus on the face in side view study the face from any angle

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Ugh this would be the perfect Webtoon

Настя Шалухина
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Откуда ты так красиво рисуешь И откуда ты вообще такой некрасивый рисунок очень красивый рисунок как ты красиво нарисовала тебе

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Congratulations! I REALY like that art btw its awosme!

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Congratulations! 🎉 Your sketch has just been featured.

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