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Lol I tried #fridayswithsketch #EndOfTheWorld

Neha Iqbal
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@yubimaru‬ ur always welcome..... 😊

Neha Iqbal
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Hey Congrats on being featured... 💖💞

@sketcherb65554c7 -

I did not understand what was drawn there, but still very beautiful 😘

Emily the skecher
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https://www.thepetitionsite.com/576/301/092/save-sony-sketch/ #SaveSonySketch

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🌸Знаешь немного не ловко просить чтоб ты оценила (оценил) мои работы, пожалуйста можешь поставить лайк и если не трудно прокомментировать понравившиеся работы. Если ты не хочешь то не надо... 🌸 🌸I know its a little awkward to ask that you estimated (appreciated) my work, please can you like and if not it is difficult to comment on your favorites. If you don't want to, don't...🌸

Fury Time :D
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Let's help save Sony Sketch! Sign the petition, here's the link ----> http://chng.it/29pyv582dc! Every vote is very important! Thank you in advance!

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Hi! Do you want to save the sketch? Sign this petition! 2000 votes and a sketch saved! https://www.thepetitionsite.com/576/301/092sss-sony-sketch/ Thanks for your help!

The Luna Studios
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I have made a sketch discord for us all to share art, chat together and work together to stop the shut down https://discord.gg/VuWAYVa

Itspinky the fox
@pinkymaster -

Yep we gonna die how the dinosaurs died

@_Aura_Sphere_ -

We ended up like the era of the dinosaurs xD (btw, it looks super nice! Keep up the good work. ^w^)

@ilarusia_uwu -

Omg beautiful 😊 Could you look mu profile? I'm new ... 😅

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! 💗 Your sketch has just been featured.