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Sorry for taking a month long hiatus- school has been crazy lately ^^; Just a quick thing for FWS. #fridayswithsketch #leftandright #100PercentSketch #dark #night #vs #sketch

Danielle W
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That is so cool but my sister can not tell the difference but I can

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Christ, I only draw with my left. My right looks like a wrinkle in the paper

Эля Жельве
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Пожалуйста патпишись

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Я знаю ты сейчас скажешь зачем , это ерунда Сегодня в полночь, твоя любимая половинка поймёт насколько сильно любит тебя, что-то хорошее произойдёт с тобой завтра с13:00-16:00 часа. Если эта цепь оборвётся, то ты встречаешься с 10 проблемами на протяжении 10 лет. Завтра утром человек, который тебе нравится, признается в любви. Завтра твой наилучший день . Если ты до 00:00 не разошлёшь эту запись 20 людям, то твоя история любви закончится. Это не прикол и не ложь.( просто копируй и вставляй (прости но я сама в это не верю)

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@soups‬ After using my left hand for a little, it got way easier. I wonder if I could become fluent with both hands? And thank you- I really like the lighting too! I think I'll redo this with an art software that I'm more familiar with and I'll actually put some effort into it lol

@soups -

you have a lot of control on your left hand!! both sides look really cool ♡♡ I love what you did with the lighting!!

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@KnightRain‬ Thank you!! I was drawing this at 12am, so I'm glad you think it looks good lol

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Congrats on getting featured! This is great!

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.

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@TheBeetles‬ Haha, thank you! It was like that when I did the rough sketch, but after using my left hand for awhile it became a lot easier to control. Plus, I wasn't really trying my hardest with my right hand (there's not really much color or detail to the drawing) so I think that makes my awful left hand look a lot better in comparison :P

Enter Name Here
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Wow, your left and right comparison are really similar. Like, if I did it my left hand would look like random lines and sploches of colors.