@PetraFromCroatia -

(Spoiler alert: I can't draw hands) Left hand-chan deserves love únù. EDIT: OMG THIS GOT FEATURED :D #fridayswithsketch #LeftAndRight #leftandrighthandchallenge #LeftHand #righthand #comic

America uwu
@AmiChan -

ima beat the shit out of right hand

@MystiMajesties -

imma LEFT HANDER!! Hehehehe! good comic though.

@izzyroseyred -

1 like = 1❤ to left hand 😏

Suicide Angel
@XzXhopeXzX -

Poor left hand / i'm actually writhing this whit me left hand so don't worry lefty \

Greb_gram 🔮✏️ 💡
@grebsketch -

My left hand can write my name properly

@Master_in_school -

Lol, it is true about my left hand

JerryTeddy Minecraft and More
@JerryTeddy -

Omg I'm left handed and you draw that? 😂 nice

@coxhina -

As a left hander I can agree

Midnight the wolf
@Thecutieisgone -

I write better with my left hand than my right. 😂

@_um_hey_ -

So me😂😂😂😂😂

Shade the hedgehog
@Ultimatelifeform -

*looks at left hand*....you dissapoint me......

@___Kenny___ -

Lol left hand can go suck a lemon hA

@Shoil -

OMG Im laughing hard xDDD, i love that, that comic is funneh c: (not funny, its funneh >:v)

Berri the cranberri
@berri_w00sh19 -

Left-hand Chan is cute she needs more respecc ;(

@_karla_ -

Very creative way to do the left and right challenge.

Bethany W
@Bethany_W -

This is the funniest thing I've seen today!

Cartoon girl💙👀
@cartoon_lover -

Right hand is jealous cuz she does all the work😂😂😎

@_Mina_ -

Congratulations ( this is awosme xD)

@owo_artist -

Omg so creative 😃... and funny 😅

{Shani De Kirby Jester}
@SleepyKatt -

I'm left handed! *hugs left handed* uwu

@KawaiiSuicideXD -

Poor Left Hand 💔💔💔💔

It's Just Me™ (A Member Of SCH) (A Sketch Therapist)
@ItsJustMe103 -

Haha! I'm ambidextrous so I can use both of my hands equally >:D

@stRaNGeR_DaNGErZ -

I was born left handed but I can't write or draw with it TwT

DanielSoon Gaming
@sketcher2c58aebf -

How dare you mock us left handed?!!

@ForestMist -

Im left handed and this is oddly offensive xD

@imahuman -

I love this its adorable

@LeRandomGamer -

Lol and I'm right handed

@vanna -

I love this but it's so sad xd

@snowflakeOwO -

XD but not everyone is right handed

@KnightRain -

Great idea xD congrats on getting featured!

Sony Sketch
@sonysketch -

Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.

@HaffaCake -

I support left hand but I'm right handed

Ccol 04
@Ccol04 -

Lol cuz I'm left handed.

Ccol 04
@Ccol04 -

But my left hand can