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Shes some sort of moon spirit/goddess i suppose. This drawing was originally gonna be a fortune teller and crystal ball then i saw the #fridayswithsketch #magicmoonweek #minichallenge and changed her to this cosmic being forming a new moon

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ياااع مرره كيوووز كيف ازاي بنعمل لايك اف

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Привет лайкни мои арты

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It's fantastic *0* And congratulations with featuring!!!

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I absolutely adore your profile!


@lida_love__‬ Сука ебанутая старалась а ты ещё как всегда про своё говно говоришь!

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Thank you all so much!!! благодарю вас! Terima kasih! Хвала вам! teşekkür ederim! köszönöm!😄😅😄 ‪@Chloe_Artz‬ ‪@sketcher40190507‬ ‪@Lucy1234567890‬ ‪@sketcher8e6c8152‬ ‪@lida_love__‬ ‪@always_love‬ ‪@sketcher50b104ef‬ ‪@sketcheraa956eac

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Awww you deserved it dear!

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😵😄😅 thank you all so much!!! 💞✨😄 ‪@_Mina_‬ ‪@Spikey_Bunny‬ ‪@SOfly2455‬ ‪@sketcherca9b442d‬ ‪@TrinityInfinity

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i wish i could draw like that

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Ahhh! Thank you! Thank you! 😄😁😅 ‪@sonysketch‬ ‪@Corrupted‬ & ‪@nanas06

Corrupted U.A.P.
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Omg this is awesome to the moon and back! (Pun intended)

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@sonysketch‬ @Spikey_Bunny I'm so glad you chose this drawing, I wish mine was but I'm not that gr8, just here to have fuuuuuun

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! 🎇 Your sketch has just been featured.

Spikey Bunny
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@EtherealMindWarp A friend of mine is a nurse in the maternity ward and she says they’re always much busier during the full moon! 🌝 👶🏼

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@Spikey_Bunny‬ Thanks! I didn't intentionally make her look pregnant (tbh i didn't even realize until you pointed it out haha) but im glad it turned out that way, it gives it another layer in my mind. 😄 And i didn't know that about the full moon but it might be another reason there are sooo many moon/fertility goddesses across the world

Spikey Bunny
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It almost looks like she’s pregnant too... Did you know that the Moon can influence when a mother gives birth? There tends to be more babies born during the full moon (maybe because of it’s gravitational pull?) IDK, but maybe she’s praying for an easy delivery? 👶🏼 🌙 😍

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Make something in side the crystal ball, can you ? Love this ;)