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Edit: thanks for the feature!!‪@sonysketch#fridayswithsketch #100PercentSketch #LeftAndRight yoo the left one took me about one hour but it still looks like shit (the right one took me 15 minutes )😂👍

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can you please follow me?

Thally 🇧🇷, 🇮🇱, 🇵🇱,🇷🇺
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Plz like https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/762a799a-47bd-448e-8b7c-9f209d4af3ce

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Haha, how is that possible 😂😚

The bell clover club leader
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Hay can you please think about joining the bell clover club ‪@Yumi_M_official

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Сколько времени ты рисовала?

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I can't tell which side she is looking at.. I'm so dumb lol

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@34_com_34‬ привет, я тут😹

Sophia Walker
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The eyes are still better than mine will ever be when i draw... Good job! 👍

@Bellx_boo -

Her back is a little pointed but other than that it's amazing

...ПлАнЕтА эТо ШаРиК...
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Тут есть люди? (Которые меня понимают, все англечани эт не люди)

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Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.

Yumi Moon
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@kyunochan yeah the buckle things dont belong there

❤🌈 ĸ y υ n o — c н a n 🌈❤
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I actually love it but something is weird with her back

ーtotally human-
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i mean still better than mine lol

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Awesome. Can you please subscribe to him? Search -> Cringe Master Search for a neko guy on the profile pic 😂 sorry for spamming.