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#fridayswithsketch #PhotoChallenge Marble syrup dragons. They can live up to three years. Wild ones have a similar temperment to hummingbirds. They can be kept as house pets, and are really friendly when you care for them correctly. :)

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I usually don't comment but this is amazing

Wolfy art
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Do u have one?If you do where cha got it

☄️🌟🐯 D:«⟨‹≤∆Сингапур И Сквир∆≥›⟩»:D 🐯🌟☄️
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Сначала я подумала, что эти дракошки (или кто это) тоже часть фото хз 🌚🔫


Woah! That's really good!! 😊

Scrooge McDuck, SSPD
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Awesome job! I can't stop staring at it...

Toxic & Poison lol
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:0000 can i make a oc of one? i'll give credits to you that made their species and yeah lol. they are just too cuteee!

Zoe ^^
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Geez that looks amazing :0

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That’s Adorable!! But for a moment I thought that steam was Kermit’s Arm XD—

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This is so adorable!!! I love it!!! <3333

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@CanIDieNow‬ not really, it was just kind of a random thing I made. If you want, you can make one though :)

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These are so cute! Are there any up for adoption?

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It's so cute 😍😍😍😄!!

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Oh my that is so Cute and Beautiful!!! ^-^ 💚 And Congratulations on getting featured!!! :D

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! 📸 Your sketch has just been featured.

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Wowww ! Wonderful ! 😍😍😍

× Jay ×
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It looks so cute and awesome!❤🐱

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Woah I hope this gets featured!!!!!

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@moss_‬ they can breath tiny spurts of fire, but it's a lower temperature than normal :)

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if they dont breath fire, i dont want it - nevermind the cuteness makes up for it so like ill take 60

A Bird *doing a contest!*
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If this dosen't get featured I'm going to slap sketch