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#my2019wish #fridayswithsketch I WISH FOR A BROTHER!!💙🌟💙

Art Beauty_key
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Hi! Im 13 and trying to find new friends! If anyone is interested then text me!

Destiny Arias
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‪@Mondays_suck‬ mabye mabye not and OMG this dose look like lance!!

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‪@WHAT_BOT‬ know that's SWEET that he is a great brother and your alwasy gonna be a great sister to him as alwasy

Farting Butterfly

I have an older brother (By one year). He is annoying. Thank god he is going to high school this year. But he is still a great brother, no matter what.

Destiny Arias
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‪@sketcherae1c82f5‬ hahaha I can handle it.....

Ac0rnium PG3D
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HA... HA HA....No you don't....

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Little bros r pretty annoying but love guides you to tackle it head on.

Destiny Arias
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‪@SkyDraws‬ yeah it is..I didnt k ow how to draw like this yet but yes it it

taking a break.
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That's a base, but it looks kinda cool 👌

Destiny Arias
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‪@Twigleg‬ well that cool and glad to hear that!🌟

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I have a little brother and he's awesome

Destiny Arias
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‪@TheKritzel‬ yes it will be tough but I can handle it I can make this boi good

@TheKritzel -

Awww... Hope it's fulfilled! But tbh, lil brother can be handful

Destiny Arias
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‪@Skylar‬ lol sorry if I made this werid a bit

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! 🌠 Your sketch has just been featured.