@NarutoBoi101 -

We libras are hurt alot we lie and hurt ourselves mentally but not physically. We put almost everybody before ourselves. #fridayswithsketch #ZodiacChallenge

Paint Dragon (P.D)
@Paint_Dragon -

amezing and awesome 👏👏👏. i am libra ♎♎♎

@German_sketch -

Подпишитесь на меня, пожалуйста. Вы найдёте множество годных артов, нормальную грамматику, милую атмосферу, всегда отвечаю в лс - - - - - ‬ Follow me please. You will find a lot of good art, normal grammar, nice atmosphere, always answer in HP

@sillysusie13 -

Hey everyone. I know we are all sad about sketch closing socially. We all have many friends on here and there is much more to share. Ive started a discord server with a friend to try and have the Sketch community live on. share this link with all your friends and followers. https://discord.gg/cCqSfDk. **sorry if I already sent you this message**

This was one hell of a journey, ya all.
@Project_Lilim -

Lmfao passive aggressive much, buddy? Also, a bit narcissistic. By saying "We Libras" you are talking in the name of all the libras out there, and trust me, I've met many that never put anyone before themselves, so stop with the stereotypes.

Another idiot
@another_idiot -

I don't i'm a very happy person and I do drawing for most of my time

Depressed knaifu
@Roman_noodle -

That is so true tho, also hello fellow libra's

Hailey Hanson
@Thatperson006 -

We do? Huh. I mean, maybe I do??? If I.

@haartss -

Oh yes imagine if everyone had four or three Libra friends

Kysama the nine tailed fox
@NarutoBoi101 -

@haartss‬ yes we all do imagine all the peace

@haartss -

Agreed so do i, that's why libras need to stick together

Kysama the nine tailed fox
@NarutoBoi101 -

@haartss‬ i may not have bipolar but yes i do put pretty much every one befor me

@haartss -

I'm also a libra and I Suffer from bipolar depression due to me caring more for others than my own self when I was younger

@Welp_ImGay -

This is so true (im a libra)

Roundest chibi
@roundestcatchibi -

That is so not true about libras

Neha Iqbal
@neha_51 -

@NarutoBoi101‬ Ur always welcome... ❤️😚🙂

Neha Iqbal
@neha_51 -

Hey Congrats on being featured... 💖💞

Kysama the nine tailed fox
@NarutoBoi101 -

All these likes came overnoght while i was sleeping and this is the most, most , most limes ive ever had. Thank you all im literally in tears.😭😭😭😭

@ILikePATD -

I know how you feel, im libra too! ♎ ❤

Otto Heilo
@OttoH -

The description is almost all true but the lieing part I never lie

Mega Choco
@Lovely12 -

Congrats!! I'm a libra too

@_H_e_l_l_e_n_ -

Oh my gawd, this is accurate lol I'm a libra too 😂♎

Pokémon Professor Courtney
@Courtney_Sporty9 -

Congratulations on the feature! And I'm a libra too.

Sony Sketch
@sonysketch -

Congratulations! ♎ Your sketch has just been featured.

Kysama the nine tailed fox
@NarutoBoi101 -

@lazy_emo‬ noice, im kinda emo in my own way😒😒😅