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so my mother pointed out a stool and we both absolutely adored the squat it had it's really windy over here and everyone needs a scarf to keep warm #PhotoChallenge #fridayswithsketch

😼* Пушистая Кв *😼
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@VeNom23‬ хватит всякую фигню рассылать! Мне тоже такое прислали и не кто не умер!

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Прости мне тоже это отправили. Отправь 20 людям и через 15 мин тебе позвонит любимый (ая) , а если не отправишь , то умрет твоя мама. Один мальчик не поверил и через 99 дней умерла мама. Прости что отправил (а) , я ради мамы ✋

James Cawtrand
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thanks for all the comments and love ^-^ i couldn't possibly begin to express how happy everyone here liking my stuff and leaving little comments for me to read has made me

Thami _
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This is my teacher!!😂

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That's so awesome!😂👍😍

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That's awesomely awesome! 😍😍

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It's so kawii I love it! Congrats 👍

Living Color
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Congratulations on getting featured you totally deserve the recognition!!!

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CONGRATS DUDE!!! That’s fucking awesome

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! 📸 Your sketch has just been featured.