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HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! my wish for 2019 are to improving my art :') and to be happy always #newyear #newyear2019 #fridaywithsketch #my2019wish #fireworks #lake #Reflection #reflections#featured#HappyNewYear #HNY XD thanks for the feature

Clarissa Sukhavati
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@sketcherd6b14059‬ loll cause we're all tired for school

redpanda Belle
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Good art but I think the happy part would disappear for me when I go to school cuz of the flippin students.

Clarissa Sukhavati
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@GothicDreams‬ thank you! Happy new year too! I hope you also will achieve all of your wishes! :D

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.

@GothicDreams -

Happy New Year! I hope you achieve all your goals for 2019 and have lots of love and joy! 💝🎉