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#sonysketch #fridayswithsketch #foodchallenge My #Unicorn or uni + #corn #PixelChallenge #birds #horse "Ride, my friend, talk to the wind!" The tail is analogous to the end of a corn. Its entire hair is a simulacrum of a corn. 🐎🐴🌽🕊️🌲🌿

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Hey everyone. I know we are all sad about sketch closing socially. We all have many friends on here and there is much more to share. Ive started a discord server with a friend to try and have the Sketch community live on. share this link with all your friends and followers. https://discord.gg/cCqSfDk. **sorry if I already sent you this message**

Neha Iqbal
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@bunty_mathura‬ No problem....Its my pleasure .... U deserve it....

Preeti Goswami
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@neha_51‬ thanks for appreciating my drawings.🖖🌸🌼

Neha Iqbal
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Hey Congrats on being featured... 💖💞

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Beautiful and congratulations 😁㊙㊙

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! 💐 Your sketch has just been featured.