@CassidyCupcake12 -

I tried xd#fridaywithsketch #LeftAndRight #sketch

The Cute Monster
@the_cute_monster -

Wooow so beatyfull💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

~ нαρρу σя αм ι? ~
@CremeDeLaCreme -

Right: tutorial Left: me trying to follow the tutorial

Bite ⊙■⊙■⊙■⊙■
@BitekeruGoal -

Dats one great talent you have there...😃

Emmawoldul (U.A.P)
@woldulgirl -

Are there like NO left handed people except me in this world?

@Shaily_Offical_ -

Привет! 🌚✨ у меня есть мечта 666 подписчиков.. Да, конечно это много, но я просто мечтаю о таком количестве 💕 можешь мне помочь? 💦 просто подпишись на меня и пролайкай 😊 мне будет очень приятно, а тебе легко 💫 Hello! 🌚✨ I have a dream 666 subscribers .. Yes, of course it is a lot, but I just dream of so many 💕 can you help me? 💦 just subscribe to me and get rid of it 😊 I will be very pleased, and you will easily 💫

@EZM -

Ha! Hahaha! i laugh so hard! this is why i hate using left hand

@sketchercae339a6 -

تحفه ياريت تستمرو

@gwennmanga -


{_Hāppý_Mïł§_}(łìţţłę føøł)
@Mirror___Girl -

Подпишитесь на меня а я пролайкаю 10 ваших постов

@Starshine_ -

Ur left draw is much better than my draws in my intire life

♧~ПbЯHäЯ ßəĶą~♧
@JluMoH -

Я устраиваю конкурс зайди на мой профиль и полестай наброски и участвуй)))

@sketcher30446673 -

Me being creative vs me with artblock

@Sylvia721 -

Soo difference in both hands

Berry soda
@Day_namicart -

U tried and ya got a lot of likes^

Sony Sketch
@sonysketch -

Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.

@stars_and_smoke -

that’s actually really freakin good, it mainly just looks like 2 different expressions

Emi Wafflez
@AnimeThebest -

I am right and left handed lol

@Dizainer_and_mil -

Кто на меня подпишится я взаимно!

Moka Jun​
@Moka_Jun -

WoW you draw amazing with your left hand

@LunaTheDino -

Your non dominant hand drawing looks better than my dominant drawing

Kawaii Potato
@chickenwings -

Hi ‪@CassidyCupcake12‬ I have been following your account for a few months and I love your art. I'm just wondering how you learned to draw so well.

Swibster Lil
@swibie2 -

I draw terribly with my left hand

💎Crystal Artist💎
@Crys_07 -

Wow you're practically ambidextrous!

@ali_likes_pandas -

are you left and right handed or something bc wow

@Angel523 -

Привет я новый художник!!!, Я хочу набрать 20 подписчиков, поможешь мне?:-)💓💗😘/ Hi im new, and im bad draw! My dream 20, following! You can help me pls? 💓💗😘😍

~ƙąɬɛ ɬ۷ąཞı~
@I_die_love -

Как ты так рисуешь?!??

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