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A stock broker... As one internet site told me so... Maybe I've been so disappointed with my choices back then that i was too determined to ever change my life?... #pastlife #fridayswithsketch

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Привет. Мы с друзьями поспорили что до конца января у меня должно быть 100 подписщиков и если я не наберу мне конец!!! Помогите плиз!!! Сорян за спам.

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@Merry_Millers_vi‬ Please give me a reason to follow... I tend to be very sophisticated bout following... I make sure i can learn a lot from those i follow...

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Hey , can you subscribe to me and polycat my sketches. I will be very blagodarna if you do, sorry for the spam {Привет можешь подписаться на меня и пролайкать мои наброски плиз, буду благодарно если зделаешь это, прости за спам}

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@CoffeeShake‬ I went to ya nans house n ate her juiceh balls

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Whoa... I never had this much likes for ages... Feels so great!!! Thanks for your support guys!!!

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Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.