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I like this one better. ‪@sonysketch#EndOfTheWorld #fridaywithsketch #cookierun #sketchcookie

Fly trap
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@Heinrich‬ thankies owo 💝💞💟💗💖💕

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1990 likes, i'm so jealous and proud 💓💓👏👏

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They put in peach and dinosour (now we need apple or onion next)

Kapry Dom
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Quedó 😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

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aww so adorable, it reminds me of the powerpuff girls xd

Implosive Banana
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This made me remember cookie run. Cookierun was all i played when i was just a little kid. Fills me with notolgia. Sad that they removed the original game from the app store.

@Thewildsam -

Gingerbread run idk I had the game though

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Seems like our cookie run community is making a comeback eh?

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Congrats on feature omg you deserve it uwu

Sony Sketch
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Your sketch has just been featured ❤️