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#my2019wish is that everyone who I love will be happy. Family friends... But I also wish that nobody from my family will find my sketch account or my drawings irl.. :D #fridayswithsketch

Temmie the savage gamer
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(I'm sorry I had to send this to you but now that you have opened it you can't stopped reading this. Hi my name is Teresa Fidalgo I died 27 years. If you don't send this to 20 people I will sleep by your side forever. If you don't believe me search me up. Teresa Fidalgo. So send this to 20 people. A girl ignored this and her mom died 20 days later. NO SEND BACKS!!!!!#copied sorry to send this. Btw this is not fake search her up on google (I'm sorry) to bad (I was forced) please don't get mad BTW I did this cuz I was scared

💝~я стараюсь~💝
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Люби маму,пока она смеётся...И теплой горят её глаза...И голос её в одну льется...Святой водой чистой как слеза...Люби маму ведь она одна на свете...Она всех простит и поймет...Если ты любишь свою маму,отправь это 20 людям...Одна девочка не отправила и её мамы не стало через 356 дней(Прости мне тоже отправили это сообщение...Это про МАМУ)Не могу не отправить!!

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╔╗═╔╗.˛˛.*.★* .* * ║║═║║.˛* ** .˛.*.★ ║╚═╝╠══╦══╦══╦╗═╔╗ ║╔═╗║╔╗║╔╗║╔╗║║═║║ ║║═║║╔╗║╚╝║╚╝║╚═╝║ ╚╝═╚╩╝╚╣╔═╣╔═╩═╗╔╝ ═══════║║═║║═╔═╝║★ ═══════╚╝═╚╝═╚══╝★ ╔═╗═╔╗*.★* * ║║╚╗║║.˛* .˛. ║╔╗╚╝╠══╦╗╔╗╔╗ ║║╚╗║║║═╣╚╝╚╝║ ║║═║║║║═╬╗╔╗╔╝ ╚╝═╚═╩══╝╚╝╚╝ ╔╗══╔╗★* *★ ║╚╗╔╝║.*.★* ╚╗╚╝╔╩═╦══╦═╗★ ═╚╗╔╣║═╣╔╗║╔╝★ ══║║║║═╣╔╗║║★ ══╚╝╚══╩╝╚╩╝★

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Its good congratulations

Confusing shit
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No en nyt sanois mut kiitti kait ‪@nothing________

Confusing shit
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WUT!!??? Well I don't deserve it but thank you :)) ‪@sonysketch

Ava girl
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@sonysketch‬ can you please write your comment on this drawing please https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/28b22f93-3bdc-4710-bc00-777d3a17da2f

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Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.

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Näyttää ihan sulta itteltäs :o