@ayu_zoui -

Houston, we have a problem.. D: just imagine being an astronaut and realizing the world exploded just exploded behind your back! #fridayswithsketch #EndOfTheWorld (I was inspired by the Music Animation Video "Let's go" by Stuck in the sound!!)

@ShiShor -

(Btw there is a song about this made by Stuck in the Sound! Pretty nice sketch)

@ShiShor -

Sketch is closing, please consider this a way to save it, not anything else. https://discord.gg/q4BZvd Everyone here! If you want to stay in touch with your friends and other ppl here, join this discord server! It will be the same, only on other app. Don't let sketch die on every app. Repost this so more ppl can see! I'm not advertising! I'm trying to save Sketch!

Mark Boyle
@sketcherc55d9d6a -

Welp, okay then *proceeds to shatter helmet off rock*

Neha Iqbal
@neha_51 -

Hey Congrats on being featured... 💖💞

@Yogurt_Head -

Actually That's a music!

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Подпишитесь на меня, пожалуйста. Вы найдёте множество годных артов, нормальную грамматику, милую атмосферу, всегда отвечаю в лс - - - - - ‬ Follow me please. You will find a lot of good art, normal grammar, nice atmosphere, always answer in HP https://sketch.sonymobile.com/profile/e42d89bd-f1eb-4e47-8b70-cb13e3c9526a

Miley Inna
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Wow this is ... This is awesome😻😻😻😻😻

Emily the skecher
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https://www.thepetitionsite.com/576/301/092/save-sony-sketch/ #SaveSonySketch

@ayu_zoui -

@OwO_324‬ ikr! The song its really good, and thank you!!

@ayu_zoui -

@Szad‬ yes, I got inspired! Its right in the caption uwu

CrazyCat 342
@OwO_324 -

Thats a good song and your art is great

The Luna Studios
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I have made a sketch discord for us all to share art, chat together and work together to stop the shut down https://discord.gg/VuWAYVa Sorry for spam but this is important #SaveSonySketch

@Szad -

This its from a song...

@ayu_zoui -

@Mwhahahahaha‬ ‪@Wild_Turd‬ ‪@Fofever_sadDemon‬ ‪@Iamafartist1‬ ‪@Unicorns_4ever_‬ ‪@Giel‬ Thank you everyone :'D <3 i apreciate it !!!

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@JinxTheDemoghog‬ ‪@KiwiKitsune‬ oh thank you ! I will fix it right away!

~Quite Random Studios~
@JinxTheDemoghog -

@KiwiKitsune‬ haha literally just about to say that! The arts amazing tho!

@KiwiKitsune -

Wow! Btw i think its Houston.

Ragiel sibul
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I love this funny ones 😃👌

@ilarusia_uwu -

Omg nice 😊 Could you look my profile? I'm new ... 😅

@Iamafartist1 -

Love this and congratulations

🐊 Scaley 🐊
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Wow, that drawing looks amazing! :D

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! 💗 Your sketch has just been featured.