@ShapeCrafter -

"A #villain from the dark side of the past. Wears a #mask to forget his #face and cover his reflection." -just a #sketch that I colored up for the dark challenge (Marker Tool is still finicky) #darkchallenge #fridayswithsketch #ShapeCrafter #cartoon

@Alisa_Foxi -

Прикольно мой любимый персонаж с крипипасты

@Novasolace -

it reminds me of ticci toby its wayyy better than i could do tho


Love it 😊👍👍


He looks like Toby, from "I eat pasta for breakfast"

Ticholo Peluche
@Ticholo_Peluche -

I've seen your art, it's amazing! I love your style : )

Hatsune Miku ^^
@creepypasta444 -

Les dejo a todos los Creepypastas pero no a el :'D


Reminds me of Ticci Toby, Tracer, and Soldier 76

Fox 666
@Fox_666 -

Тобиии фафельный король ^_^

@Haribooo -

I So much like creepasta

🖤 UnderratedQueen👑
@JazzyIsMine -

All creepypasta fans will think it's ticci toby

@Unknown_Name -

It looks like Mr.Ticci. (I know it isn't) But very good art.

@ShapeCrafter -

@onededboi‬ na! It's all good. Everyone has been calling him that. 😂😂

@hi__ -

Looks like toby ( dont yell at me I know its not toby)

@onededboi -

Ooooh. It looks ligit like him from that angle. Sorry though😂😂

@ShapeCrafter -

@onededboi‬ NO! it's not Toby! I just so happend to use the same colour scheme on a character design with goggles. The full character model is much different from toby.

@onededboi -

Oh I thought it was obito from Naruto

xXRhi The BannanaXx
@PlantPot123 -

You got featured!😆😆😆 Congrats! x

Šøhýə Mīň
@Sohye_Min -

@ShapeCrafter‬ XD but Thats really Amazing. Good work (/^\)~ ♡♡♡

Katie Ford

It kid of reminds me of ticci Toby from creepy pasta

Rájmond Erdei
@sketcherb2c2df70 -

Pls like😜👉https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/b7b2c9fb-1814-42eb-984d-eaad7f604477

@ShapeCrafter -

@Sohye_Min‬ I honestly just found that out right after I posted! 😂😂 I'm going to be reworking the character a little bit (which actually stinks)

Šøhýə Mīň
@Sohye_Min -

Woah, Thats so good! But is look like Ticci Toby from creepypasta.

Sony Sketch
@sonysketch -

Congratulations! 🌠Your sketch has just been featured.

@ShapeCrafter -

@Zilliz‬ 😅😅...yeah. I need them if I'm to get back up to date.