@magpom -

goodbye.png I had a good run y’all, I’ll miss this place! 💕 this got featured in the middle of class lmfao, thanks! #EndOfTheWorld #sonysketch #GoodbyeSketch @sonysketch

@KawaiiStalker007 -

Wooow it's sooo beautiful 💕🥔🌈

Dragon_ lover
@Dagur_lover -

That's too sad 😭 but very beautiful art 😢👌🏻

@My_usrnamecusyeh -

Don't cry for we have created a subreddit called r/SonySketch on Reddit so we can still have a place

@beyza_eArt -

Thx for your saw the drawing program

Broken Glasz
@Glaszwing -

Gosh darn it! It's too beautiful

Gâçhà mūñçhíē
@gacha_munchie -

Lol for a second I thought sketch was bismuth and Otto was lapis' hair XD

@Snufkins_Hat_ -

This is really good :0 also, interesting comment section

@_Aura_Sphere_ -

@magpom‬ tysm!!!!! 💜💜💜💜 and if I do, I promise to credit you! ✋

@skittlescreation -

I'll miss this app so much.

@magpom -

@_Aura_Sphere_ done! If you repost it, just credit me :)

@_Aura_Sphere_ -

Could you allow export? This is beautiful! I promise not to steal it ✋

S* world🌅
@Saifi -

Congratulations on being featured 💐💐🤘🏼

@gabriellaelina -

Your sketch has just been featured ❤️

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