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I drew human Otto because why not #otto #sonysketch (Edit: Don't advertise here. I don't care to follow your account or like your posts, especially if you have stolen art there, nor do I care for your chain mail)

@Athena_sketches -

Aww he's adorable. I'm really going to miss otto 😞

@Aesthetic_Kylee -

🖋️🌺FOR THOSE JUST CHECKING OUT MY GARBAGE PIECE OF ARTWORK.🌺🖋️ Don't comment about wanting me to follow you. It's annoying as shit. Not only that, I hate people who beg for followers, instead of earning them. Get off my profile if all you're gonna do is ask me to follow you or like your posts.

Axel Harington🌈
@Bennett -

Look like Deku and Shinsou's son

R u proud? 💓💔
@wiitennis -

Holy fuck you got featured- :0

Neha Iqbal
@neha_51 -

Hey Congrats on being featured... 💖💞

Sony Sketch
@sonysketch -

Your sketch has just been featured ❤️

@Aesthetic_Kylee -

@oofyatoo‬ eee I've been practicing-- I actually went on Pinterest and downloaded a bunch of shading ideas, it's really been a huge help.

@oofyatoo -

sO gOoD aT sHaDiNgggggggggg