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I drew human Otto because why not #otto #sonysketch (Edit: Don't advertise here. I don't care to follow your account or like your posts, especially if you have stolen art there, nor do I care for your chain mail)

Dias Saifurov
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Куроко из баскетбол куроко когда напился

Axcien more like accident
@fallen_hybrid -

Oof i though this was Albert for a sec

Милана 🐅
@MilanaFaiworit10 -

Ты красивый! Ты мне нравишься!


@aaaaaghhhh‬ loL, btw I met the person who made this on discord and they posted the art there , I was really surprised when they got featured-

Angel Daddy
@AngelDaddy -

Dude those eyes are gorgeous! ✨💕(Along with the whole thing tbh XD)

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@Untalented_fool -

Aww he's adorable. I'm really going to miss otto 😞

🌕🌺Yaoi Bitch🌺🌕
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🖋️🌺FOR THOSE JUST CHECKING OUT MY GARBAGE PIECE OF ARTWORK.🌺🖋️ Don't comment about wanting me to follow you. It's annoying as shit. Not only that, I hate people who beg for followers, instead of earning them. Get off my profile if all you're gonna do is ask me to follow you or like your posts.

Uzay 🌈🌌
@Bennett -

Look like Deku and Shinsou's son

Neha Iqbal
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Hey Congrats on being featured... 💖💞

Sony Sketch
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Your sketch has just been featured ❤️

🌕🌺Yaoi Bitch🌺🌕
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@oofyatoo‬ eee I've been practicing-- I actually went on Pinterest and downloaded a bunch of shading ideas, it's really been a huge help.

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sO gOoD aT sHaDiNgggggggggg