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I drew them a while ago and I thought that we need these heroes now #Sketchfanart #axel #otto #heroes #hero #sketchhero #sketchheroes #SaveSonySketch #sonysketch@sonysketch

Sas Sasisuka
@sketcherab96d7b5 -

Bad очень плохо нарисовано



@Snowy_ocs_3 -

Cute, but 😭😭😭😭😔 sad.. it’s ending... why.........

Arthur Morgan
@arthur_morgan -

The guy looks like arthur morgan from rdr2 and the girl looks like mary beth or linton rdr2

Un Poco Loco
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I'm sorry! I know this is spam, but check out my profile for a new art community where you're allowed to post all sorts of art! 🌸

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@_Jung_Yatoist_‬ ну ок но ты красивее💞💅

Lokaokaok 12306
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@sonysketch‬ hola muy buena creación esta app enserio

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Why do you create this..... #CRINGE

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Go see my latest drawings and let me know if you like them

Neha Iqbal
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@Kruzi_Elf‬ Ur always welcome....😊☺️

Neha Iqbal
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Hey Congrats on being featured... 💖💞

Milica Stankovic
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This remind me of Miraculous Ladybug

@YoWassup_itz_AJJ -

Sketch is done....they already made up there choice

Sony Sketch
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Your sketch has just been featured ❤️

🌈Furry aea the uni Wolf🐺
@Rainbow_Star_fan -

I Love hero soo much and this Draw Very beautiful