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Sketch is closing, please consider this a way to save it, not anything else. https://discord.gg/q4BZvd Everyone here! If you want to stay in touch with your friends and other ppl here, join this discord server! It will be the same, only on other app. Don't let sketch die on every app. Repost this so more ppl can see! I'm not advertising! I'm trying to save Sketch! Help me get this message around. We can make a refuge on Discord with as many ppl as we can get. Help us save sketch.

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@Smol_Cinnamon_14‬ ur always welcome.... 😊

Neha Iqbal
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Hey Congrats on being featured... 💖💞

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Просто -°•ÐøZª•CчªcŦя•°
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People don't panic! The sketch will be stopped on September 30, 2019! Just the Sony Sketh administrator will clear the online server of our sketches and our profiles (yes, of course, this is sad, but we have to accept it), only the sketch has not been cleared for 5 YEARS! So stop the panic! Go

Axel VarVar

Thank you Sketch! https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/61e7b64c-f439-4a2b-9932-b2aa1d104d7f

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I'm actually glad that you did spam me. :O cuz that's a pretty good idea. Bright clothing to commemorate sketch. ‪@Dark_morph_Alpha

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"Until 30th or September everyone walk around with a coloured pencil and bright clothes and every year on the 30th of September wear bright clothes to show sketch!" Sorry for the spam

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@snowy453kitty‬ sketch's online community is being shut down because of Sony.

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What's happening to sketch??? Why are there photos of sketch crying?????

Sketch Discord Server
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https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/c5cf41e7-a4b2-48d7-a0fd-132440a8158a Keep the community alive

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Hey everyone. I know we are all sad about sketch closing socially. We all have many friends on here and there is much more to share. Ive started a discord server with a friend to try and have the Sketch community live on. share this link with all your friends and followers. https://discord.gg/cCqSfDk. **sorry if I already sent you this message**

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https://www.thepetitionsite.com/576/301/092/save-sony-sketch/ Sign here to save sketch! There are 913 petitions we need 2000! So who wants to save sketch sign pls!! After copy and share in an another popular post!

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Your sketch has just been featured ❤️

💔Unnecessary Equipment💔
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Hmm... Well I can still post my sketch art on insta, not a huge deal. I suppose...

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They're going to get rid of the online parts of sketch. Like the comments section, the feed, the private message option and the private group message option. Why ? Because sketch will shutdown and it will only be used for just drawing and not posting it on the feed you see now. But why are they doing this ? Because the sketch staff didn't make any money and they got fired. So they can't do nothing about sketch. ‪@foreverbroken