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Space Yeet
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@FuckingGay_AF‬ ohh because that hurts me so much

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Ваау!Такая красота!

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Это я когда узнала что 30 сентября произойдёт это

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@Kittylovergaming‬ Thanks.I would like to join your contest.

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This is so good! And I have a question owo do u mind joining my contest?

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@ShiShor‬ Actually, I got a new job 1.5 years ago, but I will always support Sketch.The community and Otto has a special place in my heart 💙

@ShiShor -

@amandalm‬ sorry for your loss of the job

@amandalm -

And my suggestion is to write to Sony instead since that is where the decision was made.

@amandalm -

@ShiShor‬ I know, I'm a former employee in the Sketch team :)

@ShiShor -

Sony fired Sketch 's administrators

@ShiShor -

@amandalm‬ he fired its staff. The petition is the only way left

@amandalm -

@ShiShor‬ Sending a message to Sony directly will at least ensure it ends up in the right place 😊💖

@ShiShor -

That is a second plan

@ShiShor -

@amandalm‬ I already voted the petition

@amandalm -

@ShiShor‬ If you want Sony to know how you feel about Sketch 🌈 and the community, you should voice your opinions here 👉 https://support.sonymobile.com/contactUs/ 🗯 💖

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Why do people post this, like tgis will happend tomorrow? -_- (But I like your art)

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Sketch is closing, please consider this a way to save it, not anything else. https://discord.gg/q4BZvd Everyone here! If you want to stay in touch with your friends and other ppl here, join this discord server! It will be the same, only on other app. Don't let sketch die on every app. Repost this so more ppl can see! I'm not advertising! I'm trying to save Sketch! Help me get this message around. We can make a refuge on Discord with as many ppl as we can get. Repost my latest post and tell ur friends to do the same please. Help us save sketch.

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Your sketch has just been featured ❤️

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I am one of your old friends. But there is no way you could remember me

@___hentai____ -

Wow.. You imporved so much


Here, insert this link in google-Yandex http://chng.it/TrKJfRLqTk this to support the sketch, you need to subscribe. (understand everything when you click on the link and distribute this info) Thank you for your attention. _______________________Вот, вставьте эту ссылку в гугле-яндексе http://chng.it/TrKJfRLqTk это чтобы поддержать Набросок, надо подписаться. (всё поймёте когда перейдёте по ссылке и распростроняйте эту инфу) спасибо за внимание. Отправляйте остальным людям мне не управиться одной

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