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Something strange x'd #fridayswithsketch #manybrushes // #арт #art #человек #human #кот #cat

ᴋᴀʏoᴋo. 🍑
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:0 это так чудесно 💕

That One Ruby ( secte de la banane)
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| |) pss | | |∧ |・) psst |ノ | | ∧ |ω・) psst |=ノ | |∧∧ |・ω・) pss |⊂ノ | |∧∧ | ●ω● ) you're an amazing artist |⊂ノ

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The colors go really well smhow

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Это шикарно<3 Я это уже говорила в амино,но всё равно,это просто шиик

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Это так красиво,я не могу описать словами *0*

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Omg you are so amazing in art!

Baby rat
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Hey! You're a very great artist, and I was wondering if you'd like to join my amino? I'm gonna be straight forward with you, I need friends. ;-;

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This is amazing! 😁💜

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@nata_lia‬ , спасибо ) ‪@lollita‬ , спасибо. Хорошо :)


М-Мы больше не друзья?

Warriorcatsquid CONTEST TIME!!!
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Hi! Would you like to join my contest? U can read the rules at #squidcon2 And see the Contest oc at #squidconoc There are many prizes like adoptables, requests, and more! Of course you don’t have to join if you don’t want to! This is simply an invitation! ☺️

Sony Sketch
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Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.

♠️ Лолла ♠️
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Круто. Ответь в лс позяязя°^°

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Ля.. я так не умею))0)