@Duda_Guerra -

#zodiacchallenge #fridayswithsketch #100PercentSketch@sonysketch‬ I just drew my scorpion sign like a monster. Hope you like it. ^^

@sketcher45c05cf5 -

Я Теперь знаю что ночью не усну

Dias Saifurov
@sketcher2f326e5e -

Это что за классный Арт


Bu ne cozemedim bunlar napyo😁

@sketchere86bb37d -


Света 0101
@svetlana_Vovkoda -

Его голова похожа на круосан :>

Rassy Killer
@sketcher90437171 -

Он похож на скорпиона и этоооого из хищника ,а чужого!


You should make a webtoon and put this monster in it

@kalibear666 -

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AAAAAAHHHHHH cool art tho

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Hey everyone. I know we are all sad about sketch closing socially. We all have many friends on here and there is much more to share. Ive started a discord server with a friend to try and have the Sketch community live on. share this link with all your friends and followers. https://discord.gg/cCqSfDk. **sorry if I already sent you this message**

Fury Time :D
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Let's help save Sony Sketch! Sign the petition, here's the link ----> http://chng.it/29pyv582dc! Every vote is very important! Thank you in advance!

@endmysuffering__ -

Let us save this! I want to show it to my mom because she's a scorpio.

@LOL_photo -

Im A scorpion in zodiak scines . The Art is so cool and awesome

Gabriel Salazar
@duke_of_spook -

This is awesome, it's rather similar to a bionicle figure I made once.

Ticholo Peluche
@Ticholo_Peluche -

Wow, this is AWESOME, you REALLY deserve your feature, I'm glad Sony Sketch chose you ^-^

ɳ ε ƒ เ ร
@nfs -

Omg this is perfect!! ♡Scorpion♡

Duda Guerra
@Duda_Guerra -

@Marcelinho‬ te setencio a beijar minha bunda