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I tried to make a #Vaporwave aesthetic. #backgroundchallenge #background Edit: thanks everyone for the feature!!! I'm allowing export so anyone can use it.

кИсКа АлИсКа
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Why does this remind me of NITW?

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Plz like https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/762a799a-47bd-448e-8b7c-9f209d4af3ce

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Thank you ‪@sketcherdba668a6‬ ‪@neha_51‬ and ‪@AliDraw‬ for the kind words

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@Szad‬ I know it doesn't perfectly fit with the aesthetic, but I think I got the glitchy and bright colours aspect of it. I was only inspired by vaporwave anyway, and tried to have my own take on it. Thanks for the input, though. I'll keep it in mind :)

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Vaporwave is much diferent

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@BigOof‬ Congrats on the feature :D

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Congrats on the feature :D

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Congratulations! 🌟 Your sketch has just been featured.