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Here is a CutiePIE for the food challenge! If you're wondering, she is a strawberry pie.| #fridayswithsketch #foodchallenge | ‪@sonysketch‬ | Btw.. Is it cannibal if a strawberry pie eats a strawberry? 🤔

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Paint Drops
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It's soooooooooooooooo cuttte! Also, here's the answer to ur question: it is kinda cannibalism because it's like eating her flesh....

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Hey everyone. I know we are all sad about sketch closing socially. We all have many friends on here and there is much more to share. Ive started a discord server with a friend to try and have the Sketch community live on. share this link with all your friends and followers. https://discord.gg/cCqSfDk. **sorry if I already sent you this message**

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@Chrysil13‬ Ur always welcome....😍

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@Chrysil13‬ no problem, You do really awesome work 🙇

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I love the colors you used, really pretty😊

Thailia.sidtikun Hii
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Wow you are great I wish I drew like you

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Yay you hot featured again! Congratulations 💕💝🎉🎊

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Nice art,follow me plss 🌸

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Hey Congrats on being featured... 💖💞

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Omg!Fantastic! Can you look my profile? UwU I'm new c:

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Well... It probably wouldnt be directly cannibalism but... If she ate sT r a w be rry piE i'd say yes xD

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This is canibalisam :v

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Well, I think in a way it's just eating yourself.

Chrysilla Saputra
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@sonysketch‬ oh my god.. thank you so much!!

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Did you draw this just for the pun? Lol

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Congratulations! 🥧 Your sketch has just been featured.

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Cute! This deserves a feature! And I think... She would be eating her own kind if she eats a strawberry...right? XD