@King_DeliChic -

My past life is a parrot because i am noisy. #fridayswithsketch #pastlife ya'll can comment on what you want me to draw in the comments! >:3

@marestea_7777 -

Another congrats for reaching +800 likes :D

@MillianiacatMK2 -

@Nanki_Vei‬ а мне у тебя не нравится рисунки (it's beautiful!)

@Majestic -

Np 😊 Check my new post please

@sketcher715be234 -

Я когда узнал что до учёбы два дня

@Imis_le_Chat -

Simple, but so perfect ❤️

@Nanki_Vei -

Сирьйознооо сони скечи прорекламировала это дерьмо! У меня и то лутше

@JuiceBoxx -

Lol yeah, when i saw it it just went to jaiden animations straight away in my head 😂 ‪@King_DeliChic

@dreamy_cream -

Draw pikachu from pokemon

King DeliChic
@King_DeliChic -

@JuiceBoxx‬ lol yea this bird kinda looks like ari lol

Myth Kied
@sketcher00d49d4c -

Draw a marvel charter I drew Ironman on my

@JuiceBoxx -

Anyone else thinks this looks like what Jaiden animations would draw in this style?

@marestea_7777 -

Ahhhhhh why I didn't know that your sketch got featured >:/ anyway congrats its so cool <:

King DeliChic
@King_DeliChic -

@Reggiane_Re2000‬ animals are a different life plane than ANIMALS??

FiatFlyer555 ((NEW TABLET!!))
@Reggiane_Re2000 -

Animals are on a different life plane than animals. Therefore you weren't a cockatoo.

Ahmed Sami
@GoldenElementor -

Lol parrots are a real headache. What's even worse, mine is bout to lay eggs :,>

Sony Sketch
@sonysketch -

Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.