@Kainmellovage -

Lmao this is rlly bad ;3; o well (i like to read and drink tea when im sad uwu) #betterday #fridayswithsketch

Inkish~rainbow♡( leader of DUS, and apart of PPA)
@inkyisjuly -

It's better then me!! It's actually really good!! 😂

Can _you _not?

@Kainmellovage‬ it looks like an half sized weave

@sketcherbdac6c81 -

Эммм.. Я че 1 Русская??)))

@SniperZ -

It's beautiful! Great job!

Can _you _not?

Whats that purple thing above itz face??...

Debbie ducks
@daniel_debbie -

Omg soooo cute but I want hot tea now lol

🌸👑ShitPost King👑🌸
@Kainmellovage -

@sonysketch‬ sksksksk i didnt even see this till now aaa yey

Sony Sketch
@sonysketch -

Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.

@Alolan_Vulpix_ -

I'm going to do a collaboration :3

🌸👑ShitPost King👑🌸
@Kainmellovage -

Yey ty. I loaf urs too lol (based iff what ive seen anyway ) ‪@Alolan_Vulpix_