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There's a saying that goes, "more is more"... But is that true? 🧐 This #fridayswithsketch, test it out by drawing something using as many brushes as possible! #manybrushes

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I will try....when im done i will put @ with your name

Ladybug & chat noir Agrest
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https://www.thepetitionsite.com/576/301/092/save-sony-sketch/sorry for spam

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| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | #SaveSonySketch | | | | | |___________| (\__/) || ( • ^ • ) || /   づ

..Adiós Sketch..Adiós amigos..
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Mr. Sony Sketch,I come to tell you that we all feel very bad because Sketch will leave,without even telling us why or if it will be permanent.Here many people come to look for friends because in real life they feel very lonely.Will they leave us? Separate ourselves from our friends? We all look for ways to contact us.¡We love each other!,And you know it well.We support you and they will abandon us.You know that the least I want is to say goodbye to Sketch and my friends.Please! Do not close Sketch!...thanks for reading...

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Прости мне тоже это отправили. Отправь 20 людям и через 15 мин тебе позвонит любимый (ая) , а если не отправишь , то умрет твоя мама. Один мальчик не поверил и через 99 дней умерла мама. Прости что отправил (а) , я ради мамы ✋(Веришь не веришь, а я отправила)

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Люби маму, пока она смеётся...И теплотой горят ёё глаза...И голос ёё в душу льётся...Святой водою чистой как слеза...Люби маму ведь она одна на свете...Она всех простит и поймёт...Если ты любишь свою маму, отправь это 20 людям...Одна девочка не отправила и её мамы не стало через 356 дней...Прости, мне тоже прислали...Это про МАМУ) не могу не отправить!!

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J'aimerais bien que ce soit en collaboration.

BB Plays
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💯 centurys later this is SOO HARD. but I'm serious I'll try

Yasmin Roblox
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¥£¥£€¥€£¥ who create this~?

Bubblesoda (im secretly a potato òVó)
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I thought it was “less is more” right? Or.. is that a different saying? Now I’m confused 😞

Foxi Fox 19
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Что I'm No raca. Уминя ест канал Foxi Fox.

Ani Softa
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How the frick did I miss this challenge?😭😭😭

Ася mi
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Help me ‪@M_i_s_s_R_a_r_i‬ 😐😐😐

Враг рари
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Help me ‪@M_i_s_s_R_a_r_i‬ 😐😐😐

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Hello someone can follow me please?

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Эй а сегодня пятница! Где новое задание?

Moon SS
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‪@sonysketch‬ i blocked them and trying to report them but did you see @ sketcher5371e0dc's account

Sony Sketch
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‪@Hakina‬ Yes, it might help!

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‪@sonysketch‬ okay, well I guess I need to try it on my iPad?

Sony Sketch
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Hi ‪@_whatta_bum_bum_‬. Thanks for the suggestions! ✨

Sony Sketch
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Hi ‪@Hakina‬. This does have to do with the size of the sketch you want to open, and which sizes your device are able to open. If possible, you can try to open it on a different device.

Sony Sketch
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Hi ‪@Eishi‬. The Sketch factory has been under construction these past months, so our admins have been lagging a bit. Doing our best to catch up now! ✨