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#leftandright #fridayswithsketch #100PercentSketch@sonysketch‬ first digital thing I did with my left hand OwO Edit: Featured?! Thanks! Edit 2: ahh 300 likes, thanks

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It took 3 mins to write that lmao

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Oof I can't hold my laptop steady without messing it up (I can take the keyboard off and put it back on) and I only rlly use my keyboard to screenshot photos like when I watch vids or use Gacha life (a game with a studio and much more) QwQ

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@AestheticVibes‬ tbh idk. I really had to hold my tablet steady xd

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How did ya draw the same thing but different linearts I need to know e.e

{_Hāppý_Mïł§_}(łìţţłę føøł)
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Wow this is actually good. O_o

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