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#fridayswithsketch #betterday I dance to my music/songs in my yard, my living room or in the woods somewhere on my property. It really helps me to relax and forget the sad stuff in my life. And I make sure no one else is watching.

Scrooge McDuck, SSPD
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@sketcher4767a7d2‬ sorry I can only speak/read English and Latin

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I finally found another one of my kind!

Milana Kopeyko
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Еомбинацыю я попробывала

Scrooge McDuck, SSPD
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@sketcherf27b0c57‬ oh man, now you know my terrible secret *snaps fingers and shakes head*

yato Oxx
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I think we are watching now 😂... I am talking about your great drawing ...❤

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Iol 😂great drawing❤❤

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Hahahaa😝 Hi! great drawing! I invite you to my profile 💗

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It's me when i try to dance! XD

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Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.