@G_m -

Static, pure whispering static. Can you smell it? #darkchallenge #fridayswithsketch@sonysketch#tv #static #messy

Alisa Soundso
@G_m -

If that means, whether I'm Russian, no. ‪@sketcher3557b23b

@comccomco -

no. :( I'm wery bad speak English I'm from Ukraine.

Alisa Soundso
@G_m -

Sorry, I don't understand. ‪@comccomco‬ Do you speak English?

Alisa Soundso
@G_m -

Could you repeat it in English? ‪@pand_art

@pand_art -

Чего так страшно?!😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😵😵😵😱😱😱😱

@EmoDemons -

I'm following u just from that drawing, it's awesome I wish I could draw like that😅

@sketcher9aae04a8 -

Чё это на человека не похоже

Alisa Soundso
@G_m -

Thanks, or... something ‪@_CodyC_

Cody Cha
@_CodyC_ -

This....is something, in a good way😁

Spikey Bunny
@Spikey_Bunny -

Congratulations on the Feature!!!

Spikey Bunny
@Spikey_Bunny -

@G_m I kinda love your creepy art style! 😍

Its Stripes
@Stripes -

Creepy but funny too 😂😂

Alisa Soundso
@G_m -

Thanks ‪@Jeff_Crybaby‬. Well, I think it took some time.

✞Джефф the Идиот✞
@Jeff_Crybaby -

Have you painted this picture for a long time?

@Shirone -

You deserve this featuring ! It's absolutely amazing !

Sony Sketch
@sonysketch -

Congratulations! 👻 Your sketch has just been featured.