#Asylumtale || HhhhHH Proudd

Cat frisk

=^•^= wow cool

Someone :p

Guessed you reached 700 once more ‪@▪ ゴミ松 || YanberryChan ▪

ℓσℓу мσσиωαℓкєя

Duuuude your composition and palette are inSanE *plus one follower*

D a z a i(kittylilykat)(dank mEmer)

Waaaa Q∆Q teach how to draw a sans ;-;

💚~Laresa Draws~💚

Omg omg omg so cute so cute so cute so Cute so CUTE!!!


Lel i heard about that au


*gives pink hello kitty band-aids* (OwO)

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@Artistic Lilz‬ sure ;;v;; just don't claim as yours or erase my signature ;;;v;;;

Artistic Lilz

May I export this?


I misspelled you wrong I'm totally high rn


Bleach? Yoy have Bleach? Can I have some? PleASssssé~~<3? #Drugtale #Bleachtale lol I'm so high

Lisa awesomeness >:3

NO MY BANDAGE, MY HAND IS BLEEDING!!! X< (fricking scars on my hand)


*give some ban-aids* How Cute >//<

-★ Sketchy Bun ★-

*throws boxes of band-aids at him* o_o

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@😏 Tati ●ω●‬ Awe;;v;; You'll be an awesome artist someday! Or maybe now X"> just practise ;;v;; and you'll be Great! Alsothankyouu;;;;;;;,

😏 Tati ●ω●

That is amazing! I wish i could draw like that.....


All the fangirls called them Sanspai

- × Øni Äsrai × -

Poor smol needs some Band-Aids WELL I HAVE SUM ON MY HAND


Ummm...here -gives band-aid- ;-;