I love drawing Rosalina , I,m sorry the face looks like total crap oh and thank u guys for 2500+ followers! Oh crap I just realised I forgot something

Eddsworld art

Omg Rosalina is my favorite!😍😍😍


Looks super cool! And you didn't mess up on the face at all!


Omg Rosalina :000

Emalka Jiss

Ты красиво рисуешь мне нравится



🤑 Zůli 😎

@💖Red Panda💖‬ your Rosalina looks amazing!

💖Red Panda💖

It looks nice my rose looks creepy

Nami so 95

Can you draw me and Sans Plz


Thanks for the following😊😊


She's my fav Mario princess well done!


Can I draw her? ;3

Tord's meme (ƏĐĐ~ Lead. EFPT + mem. SRET)

Wait.. you unfollowed me right when I followed you back..

The Gold Star

OMG thank you so much for following me

Tord's meme (ƏĐĐ~ Lead. EFPT + mem. SRET)

Imma draw you becuz you randomly followed me and my art is crap.


Wow cool ! :D

Shinku Zuku

It looks Awesome!AMAZING!!!

Now my mic aint broke so I can leave yay

Rosilana is going to kill you in 5 days