@Oliver_Flores -

@_NikkaChan_#collab #DrawingYou

@_NikkaChan_ -

Oh gosh... Is this real? xD THANK YOUUUU SOO MUCH :3

@555544 -

This is how dreams come true~

Paint dress girl

Amazing better than I could have done, I can't draw on a device mobile or computer. I can draw on paper though

Kathera~chan🌹{contest time!}
@late_Sleeper -

How do you draw like that I want to know

@Yuko_Chan_ -

@Oliver_Flores‬ didn't draw me but I was find with that

@mintii -

"I know you never draw me" um lol-


Make me one ;-;


Too cute and well done in general: 3 good job😘 It must have taken a long time for you😯