tried to draw it again ;u; & i might color it l8er (im really bad at drawing side-face view so i wanted a tutorial, here's the link if u want to-->


@kyra LeBette Foshee‬ oh, thank chu (>y<)💕 i can make it a collab if chu want to, it's ok



kyra LeBette Foshee

This type of drawing is goals...i wanna color it so bad but i have a feeling someones gonna steal it if u make it portable or make it a collab. But keep up le good work!


@Fliegende Rolade‬ ....wuuut (」゚ロ゚)」im 😠!! 1!1!

Fliegende Rolade

Hey ‪@THEreplacer305@THEreplacer305‬ I think ‪‬ copied your work and redrew your Art