@batuhanyurt46 -

Gacha Life #GachaLife

@HistoriaCrystal -

Why the hec does art like this get popular when they didn't even draw it and only took a screenshot. I could do the exact same thing and put no effort, and still get thousands of likes. But I'm not gonna because its not right. Plus, what would you feel proud of?

МяBķöĕ ćŷщęċŤвó 🌚
@myaBkoe -

Привет ~. У меня проходит конкурс на пиар! Можешь заглянуть? Если не сложно рада новым пд)))! Мяу я мявкое существо всех приму)))!

@LovePet_CatQueen -

Wait wutttttt?! How did it get so many likes?!?!?!

Alisterū W.D.
@New_Acc -

I don't get it, how an app icon can get so much likes?

@KellyVanila_ -

...why did this get so many likes? is basically the icon for the app..

@TheWierdDoodleXD -

@pancakuu we hate the post because it's literally stolen from a screenie or google

@TheWierdDoodleXD -

@zjeb_szkicowy It's literally a screenie of the app. ;-;

@zjeb_szkicowy -

Why this is have so many likes? This photo is in google play or google

happy kaffee
@pancakuu -

But i respect ppls opinion

happy kaffee
@pancakuu -

Why are yall here? If you hate gacha?

happy kaffee
@pancakuu -

To the ppl who are disliking gacha life, STOP SAYING GACHA LIFE IS A TRASH OR ETC. Go away. And dont come back

@__Ssaladkiwi__ -

Gacha turkey... What a funny think 🤣


Как будто это ты рисовал(а)

Fly trap ze bean
@Fly_Trap -

@XxCatastrophicxX‬ gacha is everywhere. Its impossible to unsee it.

Jane Basketballistka
@GachaJane_ -

Кто подпишится на меня сделаю пиар писать в лс + кто всё

@The_coot_nugget -

Why does thsi get tons more likes when all they did was post the pic

im running out of interesting things to name myself
@Pulsey_Pulse -

@JustPeggy‬ woah hold the phone. First off, I know sketch is shutting down because the team were sacked. Second off, did you even read my comment? I said, and I quote: 'this is literally a screenshot with no editing whatsoever'. I NEVER said that it was because people like or dislike gacha life. Sure I don't like the game myself but still, this is lazy with no effort at all. At least Gacha Edits have some effort put in. (sorry for the paragraph dude but I refuse to let this go)

@shedvthe -

Я тебя не люблю

@sketcher804323f6 -

Я обожаю gachа Life

🎤▪ kathrine kiru ▪🎵
@katx -

@Allowalawn‬ how many people are you going to mention by accident?

🎤▪ kathrine kiru ▪🎵
@katx -

@Allowalawn‬ Ijustaskedwhywasthisonpopularididntinsultgachalife-

»lepitaanna »
@Gooddrawer -

@Allowalawn well I don’t ducking play it, so.. I don’t know what u r talking about really doesn’t make any sense at all

@Ruth5547 -

Weeeeeee!!! I have the game! OwO

Wolf_Cloud :3
@Wolf_Cloud_ -

I love the game,but I am pretty sure you didn't draw that...

@RinInHell -

Me and the boys hating on Gacha Life

@xaubrau -

Shitty game and tracing. Perfection.

»lepitaanna »
@Gooddrawer -

That game is fucking trash 🗑 as hell, I don’t like it, and.. You didn’t make that. U just screen shorted just saying UWU not tryin to be rude.,.

Ugly scp tato
@Ugly_scp_tato69 -

Everyone knows gacha life is trash

@xxcupcakekittyxx -

Theres a gacha life 2 ocimg out soon!

Deppreso Drago uwu
@Remeody_Owo -

I don't hate Gacha ( If you can't tell) but this isn't a drawing and I don't know why this has many likes, all you did was screenshot the logo from Gacha life omo maybe if you can edit it a little?

@layla_friends -

no gacha life 2 comes out in june or sept

@on_hiatus -

Why so many likes, it's just a gacha life pic from the internet

The pumpkin king bish
@JustPeggy -

@Pulsey_Pulse‬ sketch is shutting down because it is not making enough money so Sony fired sketch. Not because certain people dislike or like a certain game.

@ChamskyLXRD -

That's fuckin' screen shot, 250 people, sorry, children are undoubled potatoes

@ChamskyLXRD -

@Pulsey_Pulse‬ I do not know what these people are wrong

@ChamskyLXRD -

Wait, wait, i have such idea

im running out of interesting things to name myself
@Pulsey_Pulse -

How did this get over two hundred likes, it's literally a screenshot with no editing whatsoever. I swear people like this are the real reason sketch is shutting down

Velolia/Chester Bennington Face Bill Cipher
@VeloliaHasTacos -

Why this has so many likes? This is judt the gacha life icon downloaded or screenshoted, not drawn

@LauryRex -

This picture is directly from the GachaLifeee

@donnietmnt -

Can’t wait for Gacha life 2

Dast 😈
@sketcher24eb6110 -

ГААААЧААААААА 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Здесь могла быть ваша реклама
@EgorSiDor_SosatB -

Лол чувак просто залили фотку приложения и собрал лойсов, бля хочу так же

👑Roasdra the wolf 👑
@Ziri_chan -

Um... It's just Gacha life, nothing on it

@__Love_ -

Yes it's Gacha Life.....and ? ▪-▪

Fangel The Cute Fox🇭🇷
@FnafFan42000 -

@numberblocker‬ yea I don't understand this is Gacha Life's picture.She didn't even drawed it

sammy !
@numberblocker -

agh we know it’s gacha life now why does this lazy pic deserve likes?


Люби маму, пока она смеётся...И теплотой горят ёё глаза...И голос ёё в душу льётся...Святой водою чистой как слеза...Люби маму ведь она одна на свете...Она всех простит и поймёт...Если ты любишь свою маму, отправь это 20 людям...Одна девочка не отправила и её мамы не стало через 356 дней...Прости, мне тоже прислали...Это про МАМУ) не могу не отправить!! ( Тамар ещё 19 человек пж прости и тоже отправляй(

@Tosyo -

@unicorn_1623287‬ not really I just don't like it, if you do then I'm not really pressed ✌

A_Artist UWU
@_cute__drawings_ -

We all know that is gacha life... Bruh

Fly trap ze bean
@Fly_Trap -

Ew why tf does this get so many likes.

@DieOwO -

Hahahahahahahahahahaha nice joke

Anna Cat 1243
@Anna_1243 -

Gacka Life!!!! ❤❤❤😚😚😚

@nerynno_official -

Приложение для долбаебов

Арина Суслова
@sketcher52e8eb57 -

Самое любимое приложение моё