Hi Sketchers! 🎉 This week's challenge is for you to draw the vacation spot of your dreams 🌴 💭 Selected sketches will be featured. Good luck! /Sony Sketch #fridayswithsketch #mydreamvacation #sonysketch #sketch

• ̼̺̥̻̭̭̻̥̺̼̼̺̥̻̭̽̐̏̋̋̏̐̽̽̐̏͜ ℳøʝtαßα ̼̺̥̻̭̽̐͜..

Nice.Hi frends follow me😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Dana's art. In japan at the moment

Hey, I was wondering if "love "a sketch could be a option along with" like "


Away from everyone else in my life


Im bad at drawing ‪@Sony Sketch

NO .


Ay Efendisi

Bu uygulama çok eğlenceli

Ay Efendisi

Merhaba ‪@Sony Sketch‬ burada çok eğleniyorum bir kaç şeyler paylaşıyorum kuzenim de çok çekici resimler yapıyor adı GÜNEŞLERİN EFENDİSİ!


Sorry ‪@Sony Sketch‬ , I couldn't join this week....😟


o you should get this on the apple app store


Pls add mine its 4th to the last :)

Nastja (в сети)

Подпишись на меня пожалуйста у меня 7 подписчиков

Shininght LIGHT's another acount

And her 13th picture we drawing in 2 hours but she is finding from internet

Shininght LIGHT's another acount

Hi ‪@Sony Sketch‬ we found a stoler.she is saying" i drew" but she is not. please check ‪@Kaite Kait‬ first 14th picture isnt her but she isnt saying.


This is hard xD ♥♥ 😂

The Collab

@Sony Sketch‬ this is my vacation it's so fun to draw!


@Sony Sketch‬ ich würde mir vorstellen, dass Mandalas beliebt sind


Sign up for minya please

Jaylene Aimes

Mine would be new york

Rafael Nubla

Delivers for Sketch


@Peppermint‬ Galaxy what have you doomed us too? By saying this you have unleshes the beasts of the under world into coming after all the people/artist who type ‪@Sony Sketch‬ and #dreamsummerplace. OH NO, I JUST DOOMED MY SELF!!! I BETTER GET OUT OF HERE AND TO MY BUNKER! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!


@Peppermint‬ .....K ill.....Oh my!!!........k+ill is KILL!!!!


Uhh...k ill try 😀

Sanika kamble 2

@Sony Sketch‬ I will try. From where do you get these super ideas ? 😅😅😅😅😃😇


💯🌻😆😆😆😆😆@sony ‪@Sony Sketch



New account

I would like to go to a island


Ok so sometimes my art shows up on the "world" section, what I want to know is, why only sometimes and what delgates wether or not it shows up on the "world" section. ‪@Sony Sketch

🌃==⛄~ K I Ø K I ~ ⛄==🌃

@🍸🍃☁~|Кт∅ тЮтЬ?¿ ∅х Дя, ЭтЬ∅ Я|~☁🍃🍸‬ 😗все хотят,а может и не все вот мы очень хотим


I want to report person named ‪@Jungkook_wifeu‬ who was saying me bad words about me. I reported her. And to proof,i screenshoted it. Thanks.


@MUTATHA 2‬ is stealing ‪@sweetbream 🌹‬'s arts. Plus she's blocking/reporting people without reason.


@Sony Sketch‬ can you make an update where the drawer can choose who is allowed to download a picture? That would help against art stealers🎨🎨


@Sony Sketch‬ ‪@MUTATHA 2‬ is an art thief and she reports people for saying that


It's a pity, but thank you very much))

No one

Hello! There is something going on! There is a glitch in sketch! Whenever people post a sketch some of the texts are gone! Can u fix it?

Sony Sketch

Hello ‪@Jayce‬. You will have to specify a context for your question. In relation to what feature are you asking? /#sonysketch

Sony Sketch

Hello ‪@Discoo‬. Only if the wallpaper is free to use. If it is not clearly stated, you need the consent of the artist or possess rightful ownership of the wallpaper which still need to include a licence granting you to publish it as part of your own art. If these rules are not met, the art may not be published on Sketch. /#sonysketch

Sony Sketch

Hello ‪@☁🍓CloudBerry🍓☁‬. The challenges are posted on Fridays and last for a week. Selected sketches are featured continuously. /#sonysketch

Sony Sketch

Hello ‪@Icicle♡‬. Yes, however, only art made using Sketch has the chance to be featured. /#sonysketch

PuftDank (PAPT Leader)

The new collab updates makes art more easy to get taken.

PuftDank (PAPT Leader)

You should try to enforce your own rules better

Toy cody

I cant unblock myself Q-Q

Jivia (online)

I will just check out mine


Hello. Can you answer me, can art for this #fridaywithSketch be the traditional art?

Mizuki💢[Jøđïë N]™‬

Can you PLEASE add a curve tool that when you draw a lime you can curve it

LightFairy ™

I just made mine,hope you will like it😊😀!


@Sony Sketch‬ , do u feature people AFTER Friday? I was hoping so because I started mine on Friday and finished today. :/

The CCC (Cute Cat Club)

Hi 😊. ‪@Marinette (cat lover)‬ has blocked me for no reason and commenting that her collab isn't stolen. I checked her profile and it looks like to me that she has taken pics from the Internet and just colored them and saying she drew them. Sorry to bother you about this cause i know there's a lot of other stealers and stuff you need to take care of.


Привки оцените мою рапунцель


Странно,админ почему у тебя так мало подписчиков?😿😿


For the next Friday can we draw one of our dreams that we do at night?


Hey you should promote ‪@EggyGumBoi

Dragoncat13(Da Waffle queen)

@Sony Sketch‬ I'm not trying to annoy you (sorry if I am) but can I please be featured. Whatever your answer is I'm fine with it. (By the way, your amazing!)

Muhammad Ilham Susjon

,? Ccb. Fvvhvxc cxv(pi) ,(o) (mo) c xf(pi) . H(*) c c


Will u plz follow me


@Sony Sketch‬ I am using a downloaded wallpaper for this. Is it ok to use a Downloaded wallpaper?


@Sony Sketch‬. How does your "recent" algorithm work? Is it random, is it by follower count, or do tags/lack thereof play a role?


Please help me with this hashtag please


@Sony Sketch‬ can I draw Otto as a human please tell me


@Sony Sketch‬ Администратор!!! У меня это приложение каждые пять минут вылетает! И не только у меня!! Исправьте Пожалуйста!!!!

•°♥ Isabela Letícia♥°•‬

There's a L U L U - C H A N and she's stealing my drawings every day

Cra z artsygirl

It took ages to draw

Cra z artsygirl

Please check my drawng out ‪@Cra z artsygirl

Leticia Vitória

Namastê Namastê elogio na Master


Hi Sketch! Can I ask you a request for a new thing you should do?


Sony sketch please check my profile out to look at my entry to the compition


@Aj0‬, the winners of the #symmetrytool challenge are in the featured section.


And when the winner of the symmetry tool challange?

Luna_kawaii art

Disneyland is my favorite place to go for vacation I've been twice


@Sony Sketch‬ lubie was jestesicie superową firmą

Adam Lee

I created one, it's my first try at #fridayswithsketch and it may be a little different...


I can't publish any sketches today, it keeps happening to me.. Fix it pls ‪@Sony Sketch‬ !!




Hi ‪@Sony Sketch‬ now i draw my dream vacation please apreciate this.

MiMi Opel

@Pietro smusi‬ si, sono Italiana!


It's good that I have great imagination!


@Sony Sketch‬, I really like this Fridays with sketch challenge! It was a creative idea! I finished mine: check it out!

Pietro smusi

Ciao Lorenza volevo dirti che mi avevi chiamato e che saresti andata tu a prenderlo Io so o a Bagheria speriamo che risolvo questi problema del gas Non dobbiamo pagare nulla anzi sia la volta buona Astrid sarà come sempre impegnata con i suoi amici di trovarernr che si diverte tanto per sapere come sta e de dobbiamo provvedere noi a fare

Pietro smusi



I think I will draw my home 😂👌

LightFairy ™

@Benjiboy79‬ I am not spamming,I just said I have bad wifi and I sadly can't upload sketches because of that




@Sony Sketch‬ Sketch I have my DreamVacation Now! Hope i get featured! Love this app! Thx 💎💖👌😃😄😅😆😅😄😃😆

LightFairy ™

ups I sended that too many times!😂

LightFairy ™

@Sony Sketch‬ I wanna upload my dream vacation spot,but it can't upload sketch because I don't have very good wifi...I am sad

LightFairy ™

@Sony Sketch‬ I wanna upload my dream vacation spot,but it can't upload sketch because I don't have very good wifi...I am sad

LightFairy ™

@Sony Sketch‬ I wanna upload my dream vacation spot,but it can't upload sketch because I don't have very good wifi...I am sad

Sony Sketch

Hello ‪@Minnie Mouse‬. Selected sketches were featured. /#sonysketch


@Sony Sketch‬ can me and you be bffs or atleast friends

Sony Sketch

Thank you ‪@°•Røse_Lîkes_Mēmēs•°‬. We are happy you like it! /#sonysketch

Sony Sketch

Hello ‪@Yukte Kamath‬. Selected sketches are featured on the featured section. /#sonysketch

Sony Sketch

Yes, thank you ‪@LightFairy ™‬. The description is now updated. /#sonysketch

Yukte Kamath

Hello ‪@Sony Sketch‬ . I have a doubt regarding #fridayswithsketch . If we win it where will our sketch will be featured

LightFairy ™

Will be selected sketches featured?


@😑🦄Julie Ry (IT'S THE GOOD KUSH)🦄😑‬ really it matters how small a time u got likes I got on trending in a few minutes I had 10 likes


I've done it could you take a look

Sketch Protectors

@MUTATHA‬ has been steeling art from loads of people is there anything you can do?


😄😄😄😄you seriously made my day ‪@Base Making (?)

Minnie Mouse

Who was the winner in the last challenge ‪@Sony Sketch‬ ?

Base Making (?)

@Sony Sketch‬ NOT SAYING THIS BECAUSE I HATE DRAWINGS (idk how to say it but i dont hate anybodys drawings xD) but why cant u dislike a drawing? Is that because if u have nothing nice to say dont do anything rude?

Base Making (?)

@~Melista‬ ‪@°•Røse_Lîkes_Mēmēs•°‬ wowie i didnt know u were still on xD

😑🦄Julie Ry (IT'S THE GOOD KUSH)🦄😑

@~Melista‬ u need to get ur sketch more that 40 likes to be on trending or at least 40 and for featured....Idk