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#tutorial part 3. (It contains one more tutorial about colouring clothes and eyes)( And yes, usually I use the same colour to paint hair xD) DON'T TRACE THIS TUTORIAL.AND DON'T REPOST WITHOUT MY PERMISSION

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Можно ли туториал, как рисовать глаза? Если он есть, то можно ссылку? Извините, если помешала

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I needed shading tips so much thank you!!!!!! *hugs Yoki-chan very hard*

'💜🇵🇭Depressed Cake 🇵🇭💜'
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Can i make you a fanart? and also thank you for the tutorial! =>

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Can i export it and use it to like so i can color my drawings with this thing?

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Wow! I Just Started Today And I Luv Dis Alreadyyy

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Wow thanks for the tutorial! It helps uwu💕💖

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Will you do one of how to draw and colour eyes? Just wondering

😈Хрен с горчицой)~✨😈
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Вы прекрасно рисуете) мне очень нравится :3 / You perfectly paint) I like it very much :3

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These tutorials are so helpful!!! Thanks Yoki 💕✨💫💞

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Kawaiiiii! !!! >o<❤❤💕💖