Postcard! 🍬 "As a Valentine's holiday, the Sketch team sent me a map of the way to Candy Land. I've been chewing bubble gum for a whole week - I don't know what else to start snacking on! What kind of sweets should I eat while I'm here?" #ottoworld


Every thing duuhhh!!!😱😱😱

🎧music fox!🎧

Hello sonysketch! I joined in 4th mai and now I'm so popular! I have been working so hard on my styles and now I'm popular! But I have a gift for you! :3

Taha Hamam 3

It's soo beutuful

👽Taco.Toffee🔫 {✘shitposter✘}

Hi i was just letting you know there is this person called ‪@Don't teleport me

~Малина КВ× Hi! Pls like


The ghost of Injured Girl

I wonder if you just "draw here".

The ghost of Injured Girl

Hello. I'm new here and I have just a few sketches.

Chica kaway


Madhurima Chavhan

you should try ice cream ‪@Sony Sketch


❤❤Sooooooooooo Cute ❤❤


"Grande e grosso parese até de cobre do que que eu to falando olha o mostro de um olho so"


Hi, Sony, I'd like to know where I can privately send something to you I find really important??? If you can tell me


One question. How many times must someone break the rules until they get banned? A hundred? I've seen a lot of thieves reported but still are posting art that is not theirs


Get yourself together guys. I always report someone multiple times just in case you see it because you'll only ignore it when I report once


Tell us "use the report system" when you are already facing the obvious art steal


Art thieves featured. It's INFRONT of you, it's obvious that someone stole it and what do you do?


We reported an inappropriate post from an 18+ account and do we have to report all the posts? The account is infront of you and you didn't even check?


"use the block system" okay that will protect the victims but the bully will get more and more and will never stop.


You guys clearly say "do not spam" in the last rule and still, tolerating it in your OWN sketch? You tell us to use the report system. Yes you delete what we report but do you not check the whole account?


Sketch team, do you check your community just in case there are rule breakers?

~🌿||Painted lady||Репейница🌿~

@Sony Sketch‬ Hello developer! I hasten to tell you about my complaint ‪@Sugar Sweet [Studio


How do i delete a account? Like this one?

Blame it all on me, will ya?

Hello Sony, I'd like to know where I can privately send something to you I find really important. If you can tell me, I'll be very greatful.

[~♎⭐°†♡ Magical FireDrop™ (CONTEST TIME) ♡†°⭐♎~]

[~♎⭐°†♡ Magical FireDrop™ (CONTEST TIME) ♡†°⭐♎~]

[~♎⭐°†♡ Magical FireDrop™ (CONTEST TIME) ♡†°⭐♎~]

She traced it and made it a collab/base. So damn stupid done.

[~♎⭐°†♡ Magical FireDrop™ (CONTEST TIME) ♡†°⭐♎~]

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