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also yesterday someone was showing me screenshots of somebody confessing to them on discord, they were laughing while they were looking at the screenshots LMAO I FELT SO BAD BUT IT WAS FUNNY ASF IM

ジェットスタジオJetstudios ENDGAME
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Bro I can't wait to play M A R I O on the Nintendo swiss

Ashley Spectral
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It would be funny if it were rated M

Ashley Spectral
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Wow it's the famous nintendo game

『 Professional Doge 』|| 10 days remain ||
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@Chir_Uka‬ sketch: takes down picture of guy with dead pig in three hours also sketch: TAKES 7+ HOURS TO TAKE DOWN A NEAR NAKED COUNTRY HUMAN

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nigga did your post get taken down

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When Nintendo is triggered By Sega

Sonic sez
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h i https://sketch.sonymobile.com/feed/76951f07-c1c9-441c-b461-2834c991f3d6