What do you see? #DeeSketch #googleplay #fridayswithsketch

Frimousse 51

Waouhhh de toute beauté 😍😍😍😍

Rose Kausara

‪@Emma the kitten‬ Follow me please💖❤💟



Kingdumb tarts.

Creepy cool eye!!!!!?????

Chien Chat

I love the drow

Alice Rogers

Can you follow me


Can you follow me because i love your art and i would like to see more

Mcprogal (INACTIVE)

The colored part of the eye xD



Emma the kitten



I see a monster eye! Great work btw

megan santos

A world of creativity


A camera and an eye

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Galaxy Wolf‬ ‪@💙PrettyLittleGirl💙‬ there's a lot more than what meets the eye 😂😂

My new account is The Schools No Rules

No problems nad keep up the goof work



Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Emma the kitten‬ that was the idea.... A portal through which everything is watched...

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Emma the kitten‬ 😀 😀 nailed it!

Emma the kitten

I see a kind of portal

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@ART4EVERISANYTHING‬ Okay okay.... Here take a towel


The meaning of life ..... 42


An amazing eye is what I see!!!!!!

Stargazing Panda

Cuz lawl, I liked this one more

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Stargazing Panda‬ 😀 why did you change your name?

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@براءة الطفوله‬ you have to start with drawing a colorful pupil, create a sinking space around it. The rest are random manipulation of colors.🙂

براءة الطفوله

How did you do it 😯 it's amazing 💙💙

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Feathers is a feathery dragon‬ Thank you hun... I was hoping something spacey... Yet closer

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@∆• Maidraw •∆‬ 🙄 that's my signature 😑😑😖


Space 💙💜💕


Wow,beautiful art😉super

∆• Maidraw •∆

An galaxyeye..and others......BUG IN MY BRAIN!!!!!!


An eye in front of a galaxy.


I see Eye nebula ·_·

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Cotton woolly‬ sinks of space... Hmmmm blackholes 😉

Cotton woolly

A sink with galaxy's in it?

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Golden stars‬ ✨ Thank you 😀

Igor Zolotarev

Wow beautiful art 🎨 super

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Annabanana‬ thank you hun 😘

Kimmka Qween

Wy tego nie widzicie? To z netu!


Soooo beautiful 😍

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@.‬ hahhaha ☺☺☺😮 😮 okay sweets


‪@Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿‬ I think I will look at it again and I will tell you 😀👍

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Vasiliki‬ yes yes and.lots more! 😋

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@☆StarCat☆‬ ‪@.‬ lol! There is much more.... 😉😉 was aiming for some illuminati stuff 😋

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Sony Sketch‬ awww... Thank you! This is one of my favorites 😀


I see an eye or a galaxy


Se jeux es su personnes coule


Wait... I also see Earth under this eye!


I see a galaxy eye... So beautiful 💖

Forood Z


Sony Sketch

This sketch has been added to Featured. Great job! /#sonysketch


I see Dee in it 🙊

Minnie Mouse

Please can u allow export

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@◇~φµεεɳ•ωყɳƭε૨~◇‬ Thank you hun.... Yes random... And no rules apply.... That's quite fun!


‪@Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿‬ your so welcome! They do look fun so I can see why you like em and your faces are also amazing!

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@◇~φµεεɳ•ωყɳƭε૨~◇‬ Thank you hun... They are my favorite ones to draw, after faces 😉


Beautifull 😉❤👏

Luzia Noeli

OMG OMG é tudo tão lindo aqui minha querida amiga ‪@Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿‬ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎


sparkly 🌟


which makes me think "IS THIS A RIDDLE PLS NO" because i just took entrance exam full of freaking riddles


a lens and an eye


Aw dee you know I'm to sweet and innocent to take Ben away from you😜

Bruce Sleight

Happy travels Dee-lite. 😁😁 Here is your transport.... 🐩


Oh k ‪@Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿‬, and have fun😊, get back soon, it gets boring here without u 😔😜😄😄u saw beauty n d beast?? Review pls, whenever u have time, I might watch it soon though


Woow...it's very beautiful.. cosmos in eye 😮 👍👍👍 ‪@Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿‬

Gnome Reginam :3

*makes proud chicken noises*

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Gnome Reginam :3‬ *wipes tears..... Happy ones

Gnome Reginam :3

And the trees are blue :3

Gnome Reginam :3

I see a black hole with an eye that reflects a forest in a different dimension where the sky is pink 😮

🌸Yūrei sakebi🌸

In the eye surrounded by earth

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Sherridonia‬ you are seeing stuff dannieboi! Let me find your pacifier, am going to be flying with the wind for a while.... Don't touch Ben.... And wait for me... I will get you candy

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Ss™‬ I am traveling this week, replies might be slow, but will try to respond, whenever I find connectivity. And spam you after I am back, will try to post whenever I can too.... ☺ saw beauty and the beast....😜

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Ss™‬ lol... Actually I don't know.... I just wanted to see, what people saw...


Wow did you used sketch for this??


Galactic eye, is it burning? Do we see smoke? Wats d green slimy thing over it.. Besides d eye, wat else r we supposed to see dee??

Autumn Wren™

The stars.... I see an eye looking up at the stars above

Midnight Shadow

‪@Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿‬ I got over 400 remakes on my collab 😀


.......oh look there's Ben😁


I can seee....I can see deep into the deepest and darkest corners of your heart and soul...I see the unspeakable, the unimaginable....(I'm probably seeing stuff i shouldn't be overall😰😂).......😵😵🙏🙏🙏🙇🙇


I have seen Malfoy's ugly child xD


I see a born artist and beauty


Beautiful! Wow!!

Catherine. Vetter

Very original and beautiful my ‪@Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿‬

Bruce Sleight

It's lovely and sunny and l'm laying in a field looking at the clear blue sky and l can see microscopic creatures living on my eyeballs. And, if l re-focus l can see millions of white flashes. 😁😁


I see a blue fire😍😍😍


Maybe a fairy eye?

☆♡Sasha Lime♡☆

😍😍😍😍😍😻😻😻🌠 ✨❇

Bayudyani ▫🇾🌀🇪™▫

Amazing eye😍😍😍 dear.. Like black hole😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

☁ LilClouds ☁

Hm.. I see like a snow tree.. And aurora

☁ LilClouds ☁

Oh! oh! I see like earth in the bottom of the eye

Dee™ Rex - Mini 🐿

‪@Тайсон~‬ 🐈 😮😮😮 the you have to make me something

Princess nuala

A ....... um cosmic eye ?

Minty Dust ☘

I see an eye. •-•


An eye and galaxy sounds, don't question. Oh and I see an awesome work!

Santhosh Narayan™

Cosmos in Eye 😱😱😱😱😱😱... Amazing👍👍👌👌


You can export??? Plz😍😍😍