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#Angry #ToyFreddy #freddy #fnaf #Fnaf2

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Hah dude it's cute and silly *not like weird cute*

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"who put a hole in the wall?!"

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@Naekox‬ XD I am Laughing so hard Because Somebody on YT makes Stupid moments in UCN and at a part was Toy Freddy who make a rage quit at Fortnite and after give a jumpscare to the Youtuber 😂😂😂

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@Naekox‬ Toy Freddy is angry Because He lose at Fortnite😂😂😂On Ultimate Custom Night

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@Naekox do I known him.....he looks familiar hmmmmm 🤔 also why is he angry. Did some one call him Winnie the Pooh lol 😂