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Don't worry, this is from yesterday, I feel better now :>💗

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‪@FryIsGay‬ oh, her. Don't worry, she's been obsessed over hating on me for months now, her insults and offensive attitude towards me becomes honestly boring, so I don't really care anymore how much of an asshole she is about me and my doings here and on other platforms. Thanks for the info either way and for defending me, I appreciate it. But please next time don't give her any attention, she's a troll, she herself admitted that she does all of that for attention. So don't give her what she wants :) thanks again for concern💛

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@FryIsGay -

Sherl, I don't know if you noticed or whether you're particularly bothered, but there's a certain person who's being rude about you in general

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‪@Sherlock_PL‬ when are you going to send high quality pics of the mark chat

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We are with you Sherl! And we will always support you uwu

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I'm glad that you feel better! What helps me with stuff like that is remembering that the only continuity is change. Things may suck in the moment, but inevitable it will change. It may get better or it may get worse, but the fact of the matter is the moment in impermanent. If ever you need to talk or just need support, we are always here for you!!! ^^

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I hope you do!if not then I am here for ya!❤️ I want my fellow friends happy!