@Fennix -

I had to reupload it cuz the text cropped itself somehow but damn i used to be an edgelord

МяBķöĕ ćŷщęċŤвó 🌚
@myaBkoe -

Привет ~. У меня проходит конкурс на пиар! Можешь заглянуть? Если не сложно рада новым пд)))! Мяу я мявкое существо всех приму)))!

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@CandyAndDarkside -

Tbh almost everyone here has probably went through an edgy phase once, atleast you managed to improve and get out of it

@LazyGoaT -

Atleast you improved

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@ThisDude -

Your old account was the edgiest of all edge. You did an amazing change, I'm happy for you :] ((I was trying to send this at the first one))