The answers provided to the FAQs applies to the newest update of Sketch.

  • Community

  • How do I see sketches made by other users?

    In the Explore section you will find three captions: POPULAR, FEATURED, WORLD. POPULAR shows recent sketches with the most activity. FEATURED shows sketches selected by the Sketch team. WORLD shows some of the sketches that are beeing shared righ now.

    My Feed shows sketches shared by users you follow, including your own shared sketches. Tap on a user profile image to see all sketches shared by that user.

  • How do I share a sketch to the Sketch community?

    When viewing or editing one of your sketches, tap the icon depicting a globe to open the share dialog. Add a caption to your sketch and share it to the Sketch community. Users can now see, like, and comment the sketch.

  • How does My Feed work?

    My Feed shows sketches shared by users you follow, including sketches you yourself have shared to your gallery.

  • Who can see my shared sketch?

    When a sketch is shared to My gallery, it will be visible to users when they visit your profile. Users following you, will also see it in their feed. The sketch may also appear in the World section.

  • How do I remove a sketch that I have shared?

    When viewing your shared sketch, select the remove option. The sketch will then no longer be visible to other users.

  • What does it mean to follow a user?

    When you follow a user the sketches shared by that user will be shown in the My Feed section. The user you follow can see that you are following. In the same way you can see the users following you. You can at any time stop following a user.

  • How do I remove comments?

    You can remove any comment on your own sketches and you can remove your own comments on any sketch. Touch and hold the comment to access the option menu.

  • How do I report abuse or copyright infringement?

    When viewing a sketch, a report option is available in the option menu. Reported sketches will be reviewed and handled accordingly.

  • Why do all the sketches I publish not show up in the World section?

    To prevent abuse and to limit the amount of sketches entering the community, only one sketch per twelve hours will be shown in the World section. All the sketches you publish will appear in My feed and your followers' feeds.

  • Why am I getting an error message when I try to publish sketches?

    Check your Internet connection. If you are connected to the Internet and still can't publish your sketches, try logging out and in again.

  • What should I do if I see any inappropriate content?

    We take abuse very seriously. If you see any harmful or in other ways offensive content, please report it and we will act accordingly.

  • How do I report a sketch?

    To report a sketch, select the sketch you want to report. Tap the Options menu and then Report. To finish the report, add a description and mark whether you are reporting the sketch due to copyright infringement or inappropriate content. If you are reporting the sketch due to copyright infringement, please include where to find the original piece in the description.

  • Collaboration

  • How do I start collaborating?

    There are several ways to start a collaboration. The easiest way is to open the application, tap the menu in the top left corner, select Collaborations and start a new sketch from there. Or, when sketching, tap the menu in the top right corner and select Collaborate. After selecting which sketch to add to the collaboration, you enter a timeline view. There you can invite your friends to collaborate and see what they published on this sketch collaboration.

  • I have problems starting a collaboration through a link. How do I do it?

    Make sure that your browser application is not set to launch links in the browser by default. To start collaborating through a link you need to launch it with Sketch. To change browser application settings of your device, go to Settings>Apps and tap your browser application. Under the caption Open by default tap CLEAR DEFAULTS. The next time you tap the link to the collaboration, open it with Sketch.

  • Beta channel

  • How do I become a beta tester of Sketch?

    To become a beta tester of Sketch you need to join the Google+ community.

    To become a Sketch beta tester:

    Step 1: Join the Sketch Beta Test community.

    Step 2: Press Become a Sketch beta tester link below to accept becoming a beta-tester of Sketch

    Step 3: Press "Download Latest Sketch from Google Play" to download the newest beta version.

    We have noticed that some beta testers are unable to download the beta version straight away. It may take some time from joining the beta group until the new version of Sketch gets available on Google Play.

    Become a Sketch beta testerDownload the latest Sketch version from Google Play

For further questions feel free to contact us at SketchSupport@sonymobile.com