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Bring out your best coloring skills - it's #fridayswithsketch and time to make a sketch with as many colors as you possibly can. Draw something mega, über, super colorful this week and tag with #manycolors! 🌈

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Mr. Sony Sketch,I come to tell you that we all feel very bad because Sketch will leave,without even telling us why or if it will be permanent.Here many people come to look for friends because in real life they feel very lonely.Will they leave us? Separate ourselves from our friends? We all look for ways to contact us.¡We love each other!,And you know it well.We support you and they will abandon us.You know that the least I want is to say goodbye to Sketch and my friends.Please! Do not close Sketch!...thanks for reading...

Салли фэйс
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Я тобі скажє я в украинїське понятє так пишитє на русси или на украинїське

#wolfs ♡
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Then I'll draw a pic on Friday with as many colors as possible

Sofa kot
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А не наклейка

Лис 22
@sketcher8af9a2a4 -

Я русский!

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I'm soooooo sorry I didn't get to do the fridays with sketch ;^;

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привет довай дружить ‪@sonysketch‬

миша супер
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‪@3575‬ мне тоже нравится

Max Santillan
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I love your app it is so funğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜Ž

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I was wondering why everything looked like I was on drugs

Not here anymore on insta
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Sony i cant find the button for sketching can u help me i can't find it with the new update

Mia Duanphen Saengdao
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I love this app so much!!! And hi

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Why are you sending notifications twice?