@Hopefully_Done -

#ota #adoptables #adoptable #myadoptable #fridayswithsketch #offertoadopt when you offer I'll just want you to draw one of my characters or whatever. But offer tho. (Btw this is my first ota so..) TAKEN BY: ‪@fxingbae

@Aiko_Chan_ -

Omg i love this charater i reminds me of Zelda and oh my Gosh it so pretty

@gynnie -

Omfg i love the design im in love *sheds a tear for the already adopted oc*

Sony Sketch
@sonysketch -

Congratulations! ✨ Your sketch has just been featured.

Does it look like I care
@Hopefully_Done -

@fxingbae‬ ye, I'll accept the offer, lemme tag you in some refs laddy. 👌👌👌

gae cheezy talkshow shitlord
@fxingbae -

@Hopefully_Done‬ so do you accept or are you considering it?

Does it look like I care
@Hopefully_Done -

@fxingbae‬ okay, I'm liking the way that sounds. :-)